Ian Fuhr

Ian Fuhr’s working career is lined with a number of entrepreneurial start-up businesses. These include, among others, a retail chain, a recording company, a human relations and customer service consultancy and now a venture into the Beauty industry. Ian is the founder and CEO of the Sorbet Group which now runs over 200 Salons, Nail Bars, Drybars, Sorbet Man and Candi and Co stores throughout the country. Sorbet London recently opened in the bustling suburbs of Muswell Hill and Crouch End and now has 5 stores. The Sorbet Group anticipates to have 220 salons by the end of 2018. He is passionate about branding, customer service and human relations! His first book, Get That Feeling, the story of Ian Fuhr’s entrepreneurial journey which culminated in the birth of the Sorbet group, is now also available as a paperback edition published by Pan Macmillan. His new book, The Soul of Sorbet is all about the people, culture and community of the Sorbet Group.

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Sorbet CEO, Ian Fuhr chats to Dr Tendai Mhizha about the Sorbet brand, its value proposition and growth into different markets. Watch the interview here: tinyurl.com/yagbgcvj

The most important lesson Ian Fuhr says he has learnt, is the power of servant leadership. The counter-intuitive idea that the purpose of work is not to make money, but rather, to serve.
Watch the TED Talk here: tinyurl.com/ya5w34q3

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Visit Sorbet’s website to learn more about the brand and the SEW initiative: https://www.sorbet.co.za/sew/

Books by Ian Fuhr