A Year in the Wild

A Riotous Novel

Angus and Hugh MacNaughton are brothers. They dislike each other … A lot.

They have loathed each other since Hugh bit Angus at a family picnic many years ago. In a last-ditch attempt to forge a brotherly bond between the two, Mr and Mrs MacNaughton secure them jobs at an exclusive five-star game lodge. They manage to convince (bribe in the case of Angus) the siblings to work at Sasekile Private Game Lodge for a year.

A Year in the Wild tells the uproarious, cringe-worthy and hilarious tales of Angus and Hugh in the form of weekly emails to their sister Julia. Their experiences include encounters with guests, animals, female staff and often a mixture of these.

Combine: an eclectic mix of rich, over-demanding and adulterous guests, a dash of crazy bush lodge staff including two jealous brothers (one a bitterly sarcastic game ranger and the other an over-eager lodge manager) and throw in the beauty of the African bushveld. Shake well. Conflict and disaster are inevitable.

  • EAN: 9781770101302
  • eBook EAN: 9781770101555
  • Pages: 344 pp
  • Format: Trade Paperback (234 x 153 mm)
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Praise for James Hendry

‘There’s family conflict, romance, funny anecdotes, poaching and all kinds of intrigue – in other words, something for everyone.’ – Kay-Ann van Rooyen, GO magazine

‘It’s both delicious and deliciously funny. It draws easy-to-imagine pictures of madness and mayhem; hilarity and horror. And it gives the most fascinating insights into what goes on behind the posh scenes of larney lodges.’ – Tiffany Markman, Women24

‘I laughed, cried and basically didn’t want the book to end.’ – Nici De Wet, You magazine

‘… a window into a world juxtaposed between the wilds of Africa and the pampered international guests they attract, who are cosseted by a service contingent catering to their every whim. Staff scandal, sibling rivalry, romantic liaisons and spoofs on South African and international stereotypes made for a rich entertaining read.’ – Stephanie Saville, The Witness

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