Be Careful What You Wish For

The fourth spellbinding book in the epic Clifton Chronicles series.

1957. As Be Careful What You Wish For opens, Harry and Emma Clifton and Don Pedro Martinez discover the awful truth of what happened to their sons Sebastian and Bruno in the terrible motorway crash that took place at the end of Best Kept Secret.

In Bristol, on the board of Barrington’s shipping company, Emma is battling against the building of the luxury liner, MV Buckingham. With the chair, Buchanan, about to retire, Emma decides to stand to be elected the first woman chair in the company’s history. Major Fisher, long-time enemy of the Barrington and Clifton families, is also on the board of Barringtons shipping company – Emma is certain he is still determined to ruin them. And Martinez continues to buy shares in the company, and to support the building of MV Buckingham. So why is one of his associates, Karl, making links with the IRA in Belfast, in order to sabotage it?

Meanwhile in London, a chance meeting for the Cliftons with the chairman of Farthings Bank, Cedric Hardcastle, launches them into international business; though a significant deal with Japan looks threatened as Major Fisher appears once more. Giles Barrington stands for election in the House of Commons – will he become the next Prime Minister? Will Harry and Emma’s daughter Jessica, the talented artist, gain a place at the Royal Academy – and will she learn the secret of her birth?

  • EAN: 9781447259992
  • Pages: 400
  • Format: Paperback
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