Daisy Lowe’s Life is Sweet

50 fabulously healthy sweet and stylish treats

Daisy Lowe is committed to making women feel confident about their bodies and proud of how they look and shuns becoming fixated on extreme diets or starving yourself, backing the positive mantra of “fit not thin”. As health ambassador for Sunday Times Style, she wants to promote and celebrate the female form. In her first book, she shows that you can take pleasure from sweet dishes – all it takes are some simple changes to make them better for you. For example, by using maple syrup rather than sugar or discovering new ingredients like raw chocolate, spelt flour and coconut oil, you can transform something that is bad for you into something devilishly good.
Daisy also covers a whole range of special dietary requirements without taking away from the fun and flavour. None of her recipes include sugar, and many are gluten and dairy free, whilst some of them are vegan and a few are raw. And as someone who is lactose and gluten intolerant, she knows the effect certain food types can have on your body and what to use as replacement ingredients to ensure the taste of the treats is not detracted from.
Split into six chapters including Breakfast Goodies, Make you Feel Great Cakes, Skinny Puddings and Scream for Nutritious Ice Cream, and featuring such treats as Banana Bread, Summer Berry Jelly and Chocolate Torte, there is a recipe suitable for any time of the day. Daisy is adamant that we should learn to not deprive ourselves of the foods we desire, and these healthy sweets are perfect to enjoy with everyone that you love.

  • EAN: 978 184949 375 8
  • Pages: 144
  • Format: Hardback
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