Guinness World Records 2014

Back and Better Than Ever Before

The return of the world’s best-selling copyright book is packed full of amazing features including new and improved 3D technology, and over 3,000 mind-blowing records including:

Tallest living woman (7ft 7in)

Largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia (300k +)

Highest jump (Felix Baumgartner: 127,852ft)

Most Oscars® for a leading actor (Daniel Day Lewis)


GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, the global authority on record-breaking achievement, will unveil its brand new 2014 edition of the iconic GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS book in a global launch on the 12th September 2013.


This year’s edition of the world’s best-selling copyright book – which was first published in 1955 and has sold over 120 million copies to date in over 100 countries – is back in time for Christmas and packed full of record breaking feats and features including:


  • Stunning new record holders – The book presents an incredible array of never-before-seen record holders, including the world’s Smallest dog (3.8 in), Largest Robot (51ft 6in), and Largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia (over 300,000 items).  In addition it shows all the spectacular superlatives achieved in the world of Entertainment, Sport, Science & Engineering, Space and beyond!


  • Augmented Reality (AR) The 3D technology is back, bigger and better! Download the free app, point your mobile device to an AR record on the page, and watch as they come to life in glorious 3D.  Records include the Largest Snake, Shortest Woman, Largest Dinosaur and Tallest Mountain.


  • Take Ten! – the Editor-in-Chief has managed to fit even more into the book this year by introducing ‘information bars’ along the bottom of the page that contain a fully illustrated roundup of 10 superlative records, including the deadliest snakes, highest earners, or largest toys!

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Editor-in-Chief, Craig Glenday, said: “This year’s edition really is more packed than ever before. Thanks to our new dynamic design, we’ve managed to cram in more records and more images on every page.  And we’ve really had to this year – it’s been a fantastic and inspirational time for record breaking.  We’ve seen Felix Baumgartner push the limits of human achievement with his epic skydive, we’ve acknowledged the first ever solo human-powered circumnavigation of the globe and we were honored to meet and award a prestigious certificate to PSY for “Gangnam Style”  the most watched video in history!  As ever, we’re celebrating that unique spectrum of achievement that makes the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS book such an engrossing, educational and fun read; from fearless adventures and death-defying circus tricks to the greatest sporting accomplishments and world-changing scientific discoveries. It’s awesome and then some!”

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