I’m Missing News

When Hard News and Parenting Collide

Any working mother can identify with the constant juggle of career and children, but when your business is bringing breaking news to the world, the pressures you find yourself under can be extreme.

Katy Katopodis, head of Eyewitness News, shares the stories and pressures that see her delicately attempting to balance her dual roles as “Editor Katy” and “Mommy Katerina”, often with distinctly entertaining and stressful results.

She has also canvassed the views and perspectives of other women who work in the media spotlight and includes their anecdotes and often moving commentary in the course of her own story.



Aspasia Karas; Debbie Yazbek; Devi Sankaree Govender; Iman Rappetti; Jenny Crwys Williams; Kate Turkington; Neo Ntsoma; Nikiwe Bikitsha; Petra Krost Maunder; Pippa Green; Robyn Curnow; Rosemary Church; Sophie Mokoena; Vanessa Raphaely

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