Ramsay’s Best Menus

To complement his TV series Ramsay’s Best Restaurants, Ramsay’s Best Menus is a clever ‘sliced’ cookbook, enabling the reader to mix and match courses to create their own menu for any occasion and any time of year. So not only is there a Gordon Ramsay menu for every week of the year, but the menus can be reconfigured, by mixing and matching the pages, to create an incredible 140,000 different menu choices.

The book features Gordon’s favourite international cuisines: Italian, French, Spanish, Mediterranean, British, Chinese, Thai, SE Asian, Indian, Moroccan, Mexican and Middle Eastern. Gordon presents his best-loved menus from these cuisines, along with a selection of seasonal menus inspired by various culinary styles. Each of his 52 chosen menus comprises a starter, main course and dessert.

Designed to make the most of produce at its seasonal best, the recipes are essentially easy to follow and straightforward to prepare. Every menu is stunningly photographed from overhead, so however the menus mix and match as the pages are turned, a photograph of each course will always be shown. A tempting selection of accompaniments and essential basics completes the book, providing the reader with a total of 190 superb recipes.

  • EAN: 9781844009152
  • Pages: 144
  • Format: HB
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One Review for “Ramsay’s Best Menus”

  1. This book’s a winner. Those split pages sound a bit nerdy but if you’re cooking for a dinner party (or even just for your other half), they are in fact very practical. There’s nothing massively adventurous in here – instead – just a lot of what everyone likes- meatballs, chops, chicken, duck – but always done in a quality, professional way. And a nice selection of fish. YAY for SARDINES!. Sea bass cooked in vine leaves – we haven’t done that one here at The Fish Society, but we will now… and ditto, Melon soup with Crab. But hey he should have come to us for his hake. Those portions in his picture came off a very modest fish indeed. Gordon! Never be satisfied with a hake weighing under 4kgs. Then you’ll get magnificent pieces of hake like ours https://www.thefishsociety.co.uk/shop/hake-fillet-steaks.html?sml=1

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