The Dating Game

Haunted by last night’s drunken texting? Exhausted by yet another run-in with your ex? Or just plain bored of working out what ‘seeing someone’ actually means? Stop feeling confused and start reading this book.

Welcome to The Dating Game, where Lucy Watson reveals her own experiences of serial cheaters, public betrayals and sex scandals which have taught her exactly how to delete an ex, how to try a guy on for size and how to know if he fits her and not the other way round. This is the modern girl’s answer to Sex & the City, with the infamously outspoken Lucy as your guide through the perilous world of first dates; falling in love; break-ups and the emotional minefield of exes. But most importantly how a strong woman playing the game will never be played.

Modern dating dilemmas have never been more complex; should you add him on Facebook or just Whatsapp? Should you text him back instantly? Or should you reply via a tweet? Lucy answers them all and provides 5 golden rules for each stage of The Dating Game, that will become the mantra for all modern girls. Giving you the bottom-line answers that your friends can’t, Lucy tells you that if he doesn’t text you then he’s just not that into you. With intimate revelations of her own love life and anecdotes of her own mistakes such as secretly trawling her ex’s phone in the middle of the night, this book is for every girl who wants a page to turn to during The Dating Game.

Whether single, in a relationship or recently broken hearted, now is the time to learn how to play men at their own game, Lucy-Watson-style.



  • EAN: 9871849495042
  • Pages: 144
  • Format: Hardback
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