The Fear

The Last Days of Robert Mugabe

In mid-2008, after thirty years of increasingly tyrannical rule, Robert Mugabe, the 84-year-old ruler of Zimbabwe, met with his politburo. He had just lost an election. But instead of conceding power, Mugabe was persuaded to launch a brutal campaign of terror to cower Zimbabwe’s citizens. Journalist and author Peter Godwin was one of a few observers to slip into the country and bear witness to the terrifying period that Zimbabweans call simply, The Fear.


Following on from his compelling and moving memoirs Mukiwa. Told with Godwin’s brilliant eye for character and natural story-telling gifts, this dark story of Africa’s corruption and violence is populated by extraordinary characters whose lives have been shaped by The Fear.

  • EAN: 9780330513951
  • Pages: 256
  • Format: Trade Paperback
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