The Saboteur


It is 1943 and the Nazis stranglehold over Europe is starting to loosen. In a corner of Norway, the Nazis’ work is underway at a remote mountain factory to alter that course . . .


Kurt Nordstrum is a courageous fighter who has lost everything. His fiancé. His unit. His cause. When Kurt learns of the atomic research in his homeland, he teams up with a group of patriotic fighters, driven by one goal: to disrupt activity at the heavily-guarded factory.


Nordstrum must pull off the impossible if his team is to succeed. But in doing so, he must put the safety of the one person he sees a life with at risk. How far is he prepared to go, and how much is he willing to sacrifice?

The Saboteur is the tale of a determined hero who must choose between heart and duty.

  • EAN: 9781509822287
  • Pages: 448
  • Format: Hardback
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