Under the Sun

In 2007, Anna left her small but perfect London flat, her job as a graphic designer, her friends and embarked upon a new life – she’d fallen in love with a handsome, complicated artist and spent the ensuing year lovingly renovating a beautiful finca on the coast of southern Spain. But three years later, the dream has shattered – Michael has ended the relationship and returned to London and Anna is left alone in Spain at the lowest point of the financial crisis, with a finca she can’t sell. She finds herself running a bar for English expats, many of them also trying and failing to go home. When Simon, a local businessman, asks to rent the finca on a long lease, Anna wonders if this might be the key to rebuilding her life. But Simon is not who he says he is, and when a body washes up on the beach, it’s clear that Anna’s troubles are only just beginning . . .

  • EAN: 9781509815586
  • Pages: 352
  • Format: Trade Paperback
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