Cherub: The Series

CHERUB is a series of young adult spy novels, written by the English author Robert Muchamore, focusing around a division of theBritish Security Service named CHERUB, which employs minors, predominantly orphans, as intelligence officers.

Initially, the series follows James Choke, better known as James Adams (his adopted name at CHERUB), as he enters CHERUB and performs various missions. However, the focus later turns to his sister Lauren and several other characters who work alongside him, and in separate missions. The initial series of twelve novels runs from the recruitment of Adams to his retirement from CHERUB at age seventeen. The Aramov series of CHERUB follows Ryan Sharma, another CHERUB agent.

The series has achieved great critical success, Christopher Middleton of The Times called the series ‘convincing’ and praised the way it allows readers to ‘grow up with the characters. After release in the United Kingdom, the novels have been released in the USNew Zealand, and Australia, and translated into several languages including FrenchDanishSpanishRussianCzech,Norwegian and Portuguese. On his website, Muchamore states that over 8 million copies have now been sold. A film adaptation is also planned

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