Entanglement by Steven Boykey Sidley shortlisted for the 2013 Sunday Times Fiction Prize

PAN MACMILLAN is delighted to announce that Steven Boykey Sidley’s debut novel, Entanglement, has been shortlisted for the 2013 Sunday Times Fiction Prize.


Steven Boykey Sidley has divided his adult life between the USA and South Africa. He has meandered through careers as an animator, chief technology officer for a Fortune 500 company, jazz musician, software developer, video game designer, private equity investor and high technology entrepreneur. After releasing his debut novel Entanglement in 2012, Sidley wrote his second book Stepping Out which was released in February 2013.

Charismatic physicist, Jared Borowitz, is fast losing his sense of humour. Everywhere he looks he sees ignorant and superstitious fools. His mentor, a giant of science and logic, is dying. His ex-wife has switched gender preference. He has even punched someone for the first time in his life. And enjoyed it. His girlfriend, morally certain and strong willed, is worried.

On a restorative weekend in the country with opinionated and urbane friends, Jared’s arrogance sets in motion a chain of events that brings menace and violence into their lives over a long night. Confronted by both the best and worst in men, he finds his preconceptions about humanity shattered.

Entanglement ranges broadly across the tensions between science and belief, free will and fate, art and artefact, violence and justice, sex and love, arrogance and timidity.

Darkly humorous, intellectually adventurous and continually surprising, the novel follows the transformation of a man of certainty and science when confronted with a world he does not know.


‘The ST Literary Awards is our local version of the Mann Booker in the UK or The Pulitzer in the US – it carries that sort of weight. Any South African author dreams of such nomination. More important than an increase in sales is the increase in author name recognition, and the association of the shortlist with quality literature. One cannot buy that sort of PR. Also, the chances of finding a wider audience, both here and globally, increases a notch or three.’


‘I’m delighted that Entanglement has been shortlisted for the Sunday Times Fiction Prize. Steven Boykey Sidley’s debut novel exemplifies the type of refreshingly original and sophisticated fiction we are proud to publish under the Picador Africa imprint.’  – ANDREA NATTRASS, Publisher at Pan Macmillan South Africa

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