Honeymoon Period is Over as Disillusionment with ANC Sets in

SATURDAY INSIGHT by Barney Pityana

“Recently I sat at the Douglas Mbopa Memorial Hall, New Brighton for the launch of Vusi Pikoli’s memoirs, My Second Initiation. The hall was packed.

There were many people who were meeting in that environment for the first time in many years.

There was a great deal of nostalgia about the past, and the struggle, but also thick in the air was a sense of a dream deferred, or an unfinished revolution. The atmosphere was full of anger and questioning, and an opportunity to express themselves about the state of the politics in the Nelson Mandela Metro, in the Eastern Cape government, and in South Africa under continuous ANC rule since 1994. One can only hope that such debates and questioning are a feature of the ordinary meetings of the ANC branches, but there is so much disillusionment that comes close to naming the ANC and its leadership as betraying the trust of the struggle, and having hijacked the struggle for their own ends.”

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