Holly Bell

Holly Bell is a family recipe writer, blogger, presenter, mum of two and a memorable finalist of The Great British Bake Off. Her popular blog, Recipes from a Normal Mum, was started as a reaction to yet another ludicrous recipe that purported to be for an average family weekday meal – it was filled with luxurious ingredients and time-consuming steps. Her ethos is that cooking for your family should be fun, inventive and, in these recession-filled times, not too expensive.
Holly is now the digital face of Sainsbury’s Live Well For Less campaign. She regularly guest-presents on QVC for products such as Wilton and Kitchen Aid, often selling £500,000 worth of goods in a day. In 2012, she sold an ebook on Amazon and knocked The Hairy Bikers off the top spot. She has written for many publications including The Radio Times, Good to Know magazine and on the
Marks and Spencers’ blog.

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