JOE WICKS: Lean in 15 sells the most books in 1st week of the year since TCM began


Every January, the book charts are dominated by healthy living and diet books after the indulgence of the holidays. But 2016 is one for the record books thanks to Joe Wicks, aka the Body Coach.

As well as securing 2016’s first number one in the UK’s TCM Book Charts, Joe’s debut healthy cookery book Lean in 15 has beaten the record for the most sales in the 1st week of any year in the UK since records began with 111,830 copies sold.

Launched on 28th December in the UK, Lean in 15 has sold 188,927 copies to date and broken scores of records. In week 53 of 2015, Lean in 15 achieved the highest first week’s sales in the diet category, the biggest pub week in cookery in the past decade and the biggest single week for a cookery book since at least 2012 (outselling Jamie Oliver’s Everyday Super Food and Mary Berry).

Last week Lean in 15 also broke the record for the biggest single week’s sale of any non-fiction book in 2015 (HB & PB combined), beating out Penguin’s How it Works: Husband which reached 57,000.

 Bluebird Publisher Carole Tonkinson comments ‘I’m delighted it’s all worked out so splendidly for Joe. He is a tremendous talent and his plan and recipes are producing wonderful results for people all over the world. He is a dream author to work with and I couldn’t have asked for a stronger start for our Bluebird imprint.’

 Jeremy Trevathan, Publisher for Macmillan Adult Books says ‘The Bluebird imprint is a little less than a year old and the phenomenal Joe Wicks was the first author that Carole signed up to the list. It is extraordinarily exciting and energizing to see Bluebird taking flight so quickly and to see its strategy for growth coming to fruition so successfully’

 And The Body Coach himself? “I was absolutely overwhelmed with the response to my book. I never imagined it would break records and get to number one. I feel very lucky and grateful to have such a loyal and supportive social media following.”


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