Oh, The Places You’ll Go! – Judith Ancer

Oh the places you’ll go when reading to your children

As a parent, psychologist and lifelong readaholic, I do tend to go on and on (and on) about the huge value of reading aloud to your children. I strongly recommend starting to share books and stories with your children from babyhood. From long before babies can understand language at a cognitive level, they are able to appreciate and enjoy the rhythms of adult speech.  Early experiences of paging through picture books together, noticing colours and contrasts and images, splashing through plastic bath books and even chewing on the satisfyingly chunky corners of cardboard beginner books, are all early initiation into the world of literacy.

I am often asked to recommend books for younger children.  This is certainly a challenge that no book lover can resist taking up. But first a reminder – why read to children?


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