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“So it may sound presumptuous to say that this month I’ve read the best book I’ve read all year.  Reading is a lot like love and sometimes you just know… And I know A Little Life exceeded all my expectations and took me on a journey so unexpectedly heart-breaking that I can’t stop thinking about it. I loved the Los Angeles Times reviewer who said that it was the only novel she’d ever read as a grown-up that left her ‘sobbing’. I’ll admit that to begin with the 700 odd pages seemed daunting but once I’d committed to the book, it repaid my faith with the most astonishing story of friendship between four young men living in New York,  and specifically about one young man, Jude St Francis. If you haven’t read it yet, you are missing out.” – Gillian Spain, Sales Manager.

“I finished reading A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara this weekend. I felt like I’d just run a marathon because it is a 700 page book which is not a light read. It is, however – compelling, beautifully written, shocking in parts, tender, tragic and a majestic novel in that she manages to draw you into the little lives of four friends in New York over a 30 year period. I hope it wins many awards. The remarkable feat I feel Yanahigara pulls off is that I feel like I have known Willem, Jude, JB and to a lesser extent Malcolm and that they have been a part of my life (at least for the past week).” – Terry Morris, MD, Pan Macmillan.

“This book is SO WONDERFUL. Think Franzen /Wally Lamb…. I’m only 3 chapters in because it is so absorbing, would be sacrilege to merely scan… but certainly not arduous. The writing is engaging from the first page.  One is immediately drawn in to each character as the layers and life-stories are exposed. Especially Jude. There is a visceral ache beginning as I know his story is going to be completely heart-wrenching…. I’ve no doubt it will be one of (if not, THE) book of my year.” – Beth Cannon, Sales Representative, KZN & Free State.

“My sister is busy studying for her psychology boards, and reads A Little Life in her breaks for an escape.  This books has also seen her through handing in her Master’s dissertation. Needless to say, it would have had to take a very special book to distract her from her study. Her review, in her words, “One of my favourite books of all time! It’s flippen’ brilliant! You have to read it!” Going to have to set aside a weekend sometime soon to read this. A Little Life is making its rounds in my family; my mom has recently finished this.  Being an English teacher, and a prolific reader, she says this might just be the best book she has ever read. More and more convinced I need to pick this one up next.” – Tarryn Talbot, Children’s Books Publicist.

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