“Stepping Out” by Steven Boykey Sidley shortlisted for the UJ Fiction Prize

Pan Macmillan and Picador Africa are excited to announce that Stepping Out by Steven Boykey Sidley, has been shortlisted for the 2014 UJ Fiction Prize.

Some wonderful words from those who have read his books:

‘Three books into an astonishing career, Sidley’s modus operandi came fully formed out of the box: make ’em laugh a lot, make ’em cry a little, and make them think all the way through. Big hearted, whip smart and his best yet, Imperfect Solo invites us to celebrate the coinage of an adjective: Sidley-esque.’ – RICHARD POPLAK, Daily Maverick columnist and author of The Sheik’s Batmobile


‘Reading a Boykey Sidley novel is to experience vicariously a life lived to the full, with all of the excitement, tension, mishaps and intellectual stimulation one wishes for but rarely gets. Sidley has the knack of expressing ideas most of us merely fumble at – and he does so acutely, fascinatingly, viscerally. Full of unflagging energy, verve and surprise, Imperfect Solo is a rare aesthetic delight.’ – CRAIG MACKENZIE, professor of English at the University of Johannesburg and UJ Award judge


Award-winning novelist STEVEN BOYKEY SIDLEY was once a software engineer and can be seen playing saxophone in bands around town. He has also lived in the Hollywood depicted in this book. His current home is in Johannesburg with his wife, Kate, and their two children, Alexandra and Joe.

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