General Johan Booysen Reveals his Truth

When Johan Booysen hears that the new Provincial Police Chief
takes backhanders from a Durban businessman, he decides to give her the benefit of the doubt. But the evidence becomes impossible to ignore and he soon gets dragged down the corridors of power and politics into a web of intrigue, deceit and betrayal that, at times, he has trouble making sense of. Only when he is arrested, handcuffed and tossed into a cell does Booysen realise just how ruthless those opposed to him are – an opposition he comes to call the ‘cabal’ – and whom he believes have more blood on their hands than the so-called Cato Manor Death Squad with which he is closely associated.

Blood on their Hands traces Johan Booysen’s life and career – from patrolling the streets of Amanzimtoti in the 1970s to his rise in 2010 to major general and head of KZN’s Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation unit, the Hawks. But his tenure is short-lived. When Booysen decides to take on those so determined to be rid of him, each legal battle he wins is met by hostility and further efforts to shut him out of the of the criminal justice system. But capitulating is not in his DNA…

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5 Reviews for “BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS”

  1. MUKWEVHO says:

    You can’t put this down if your are in politics or security business

  2. Arvitha says:

    Would like to potentially review the book for our next year’s Focus Journal

  3. Baba Masoka says:

    I just finished reading Blood on their hands. You did not finish the story about L/Gen Ngobeni. This country is so rotten all the best and we wish you well. That’s what happens when you start fighting well connected and highly paying criminals. Some of us our cases have been stuck forever no one doing anything about them. The cabal is so powerful and in control.

  4. Debbie says:

    An awesome read!!! Captivating, you can’t put it down!! Everybody should read this book and see how corrupt our country really is!! Well done Johan!!! We need more honest and determined people like you if we want this country to come right!!

  5. Laureen says:

    Compelling reading! Packed with information and holds the reader’s attention throughout.

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