In My Arrogant Opinion

‘This book isn’t about anything in particular. I know that sounds a little disturbing, but hear me out. I think that those people who read my work read it precisely because there is no particular pattern; they read it to find out what I have to say. Essentially I am like them. I am a conversationalist. I write like people talk. No fancy language; nor do I show how smart I am.’ – Khaya Dlanga

Award-winning blogger and advertising guy who never eats black jelly babies Khaya Dlanga discusses issues of racism, love and sex, money, gender and a range of things in between. Khaya’s humour mixed with opinion is a recipe guaranteed to make you think and laugh out loud.

Khaya Dlanga is a Senior Communications Manager: Content Excellence at Coca-Cola South Africa. He writes in his personal capacity. He is a winner of the prestigious Cannes Gold and Black Eagle advertising awards. He is also a terror of the social networks.

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