Paper Sons & Daughters

Growing up Chinese in South Africa

A stowaway, Ho Sing Kee, hides for long weeks aboard a ship crossing the Indian Ocean. Leaving behind his village and his ancestors, he looks to the gold mountain in Johannesburg as an escape from his bleak life in devastated 1950s China.

In South Africa he will become a ‘paper son’, a literal translation of the phrase used to refer to the illegal immigrants who bought or borrowed new identities from more established Chinese families to avoid detection by the authorities.

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  • Pages: 224
  • Format: Trade Paperback (234 x 153 mm)
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Praise for Paper Sons & Daughters

‘Rich, vivid and thought-provoking,[Paper Sons and Daughters] … is awelcome addition to the jigsaw of stories that make up the true picture of South African life.’– Michele Magwood, Magwood onBooks

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