Durban, South Africa, a car is hijacked. The owner, Suzanne Fessey, fights back and kills one thief but the other, wounded, escapes with Suzanne’s baby on board.

In pursuit of the missing vehicle and baby are helicopter tracker pilot Nia Carras and vulture researcher Mike Dunn, the only man nearby on the ground who can follow the car.

The police have bigger problems; a bomb has gone off in Durban killing the US Ambassador to South Africa and chaos has descended on KwaZulu-Natal.

Two teenagers, Temba Nyathi and Lerato Sibongile are caught in the whirlwind; the car thief is Temba’s cousin and he forces the former hijacker turned model student to be his getaway driver.

Temba and Lerato find themselves on the run, with a baby, through wild game reserves from Zululand to Zimbabwe. In pursuit are Suzanne and a gang of heavily armed men.

Mike and Nia soon learn that Suzanne is much more than a worried mother; she and her comrades will kill anyone who gets in their way. They want a secret the baby is carrying and so does the CIA.

America’s war on terror has come to the kingdom of the Zulus and the soil of Africa will once more turn red.

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