The Accidental Ambassador

From Parliament to Patagonia

‘Your contribution to democracy is enormous. You have far more support for all you have done than you might ever read about …’ – Nelson Mandela


The Accidental Ambassador follows on from the successful Tony Leon autobiography, On the Contrary: Leading the Opposition in a Democratic South Africa (2008) to showcase Leon’s wit and sense of humour as he takes the reader on the journey of his retirement from active political life and into public service as the South African ambassador to Argentina.

From Leon’s ‘Job Interview’ with Jacob Zuma in Tuynhuis in 2008, to his immersion in governmental bureaucracy and a three-week crash course on ‘How to be an Ambassador’ to the strange stance and contradictions of South African foreign policy and life in Argentina, he shares with the reader his entertaining experiences of cultural immersion, comical anecdotes and political reflection. It provides great insight into the behind-the-scenes life of an ambassador.

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