Triumphs and Heartaches

‘We are a people with a painful history, littered with many periods of difficulties and sorrow. And yet, at every turn, we mobilised one another and fought, only to emerge stronger at the other end. There is no reason why we cannot defeat corruption, and thereby strengthen our ability to tackle poverty, inequality, poor education, landlessness and crime.’Mosibudi Mangena in Triumphs and Heartaches

Mosibudi Mangena has been a life-long member of AZAPO, which, in earlier years, led to his incarceration on Robben Island (from 1973 to 1978). After his release, he fled into exile in 1981, spending time in Botswana and Zimbabwe, before returning to South Africa in 1992.

Triumphs and Heartaches provides fascinating insight into Mangena’s varied life, including his time as the leader of AZAPO and his service in government as the Deputy Minister of Education and then the Minister of Science and Technology, in which capacity he was responsible for the development of the South African 10-year Innovation Plan; the launch of the South African Space Programme and making the bid for the SKA (Square Kilometre Array); the commissioning of the South African Micro Satellite and the Sumbandile Sat; and winning and launching the African component of the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.

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One Review for “Triumphs and Heartaches”

  1. This Book while it goes through the history of the liberation struggle in South Africa it is a perfect foundation upon which the current Africa can rests.

    Mosibudi Mangena has telescoped the history of politics in South Africa with the purpose of showcasing the selflessness of the past heroes of the struggle for liberation.

    That selflessness has now been replaced by self centredness, avarice, greed and corruption of the ruling elite. It is a situation where the majority of Black people are living is squalor and deep poverty while the people they have voted indulge in luxury and squandering of the money supposed for development.

    South Africa now seems like a fallen house. It is on this context that Mosibudi Mangena is speaking from. He is the voice of one crying in the wilderness for the restoration of morals, integrity and virtue among the corrupted political leaders ruling the country.

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