Pan Macmillan South Africa unfortunately does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. We accept unsolicited manuscripts during our open submissions window which runs at certain times of the year. Our next submissions window will be open from 4 – 8 June 2018. Please keep an eye on this tab for updates.


Guidelines for submitting your work to Pan Macmillan:


Pan Macmillan South Africa publishes books for the general market in the following categories:

  • General fiction
  • Literary fiction
  • Memoir/biography/autobiography
  • General non-fiction


We do not accept submissions for short story collections, poetry, plays, religion and children’s books. As an African publishing house, we believe in publishing books by African authors and/or books that deal with contemporary African themes and issues. We are extremely selective in accepting works for publication. Only works of the highest writing standard, level of originality and market appeal will be considered.


All submissions should contain:

  • For non-fiction: a detailed chapter outline with the first three chapters (preferably) or several selected finished chapters. Please do not submit the entire manuscript as we will request this from you if we are interested in seeing more of your submission.
  • For fiction: a brief (one page or less) synopsis of the plot and the first three chapters (preferably). Please do not submit the entire manuscript.
  • A note on the author’s view of the potential market/readership of the book.
  • A note on any competing books and what might distinguish the author’s book from these.
  • All of the author’s contact details

All material must be typed. Please ensure all pages are numbered consecutively. No handwritten submissions will be considered.


Children’s Books

Unfortunately, Pan Macmillan is no longer considering children’s books submissions.